About Me

Hi, I'm Vanessa!

I’m a reliable, organized and highly skilled professional with a little over a decade of experience performing administrative roles across various highly competitive industries, from Events and Marketing to Automation and IT.

I offer Virtual Assistant services that help businesses and entrepreneurs work smarter, achieve greater productivity, save costs, grow their business and ultimately increase their bottom line. I take pride in providing support for small businesses that do not have enough funds or the desire to hire a full-time staff.

With years of experience helping businesses handle their non-core and repetitive tasks, I have mastered the skills needed to get all your projects done efficiently and affordably. My virtual assistant services will reduce your stress and give you more time to focus on what’s important for your business.





In the past, my clients started by outsourcing small tasks like calendar and inbox management, data entry or document assistance, however it’s completely up to you and your current needs to choose which tasks you would like to delegate first.
I offer packages of 15, 20 and 25 hours monthly, you can choose between having all those hours in a week (depending on availability) or spreading them out until the end of the month.
No, the minimum package I offer is 15 hours per month at a flat-rate price.
I work with a time management software to manage how much time I spend in each task, rounded to the minute. For example, when you send over a spreadsheet of contacts to add to your CRM, I activate the software at the beginning and proceed with the task, turning the software off once it is finished or if for some reason I need a break - you only pay for the time spent on your task!
The easy answer is No, it wouldn’t, as I pride myself on how quickly I pick up a new role or task - in fact, the first compliments I received from my previous 4 managers is that indeed I picked up the role quickly with little micromanagement. However, I’d like to stress out that this will always depend on the complexity of the task, as some might need more knowledge of your business and/or products and the way your business operates.
Stage one - a 30 minute welcome call, where we get to know each other, so you can tell me all about your business and what you need help with, and we can match those needs to the services I offer. Stage two - a 30 follow up call, within a week from the first one, to finalize: Contract Invoicing Map out the tasks Access to software needed Start date Stage three - I start working on the tasks. On this stage we can have weekly or by-weekly catch up calls, as you’d prefer, to manage the status.
Not necessarily. The beauty of hiring a Virtual Assistant is the advantage of having remote support in all your needs, so unless this is requested for a specific project, I am fully capable of completing the tasks virtually. In case you do need me to travel to your offices, this can be arranged.
I do have one common VA service that I am not able to offer: Answering phone calls - as this would be a complicated task to manage time wise, I don’t answer phone calls. I can, however make phone calls upon request, in case you need me to ask something to one of your clients. Any other admin tasks, related to running the business, events management, social media or your websites, I am available for - if you need something that’s not on the Service list, please feel free to ask :)

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